“This is a great-to-be-alive kind of moment” said Jaguars owner Shad Khan.

The Jags drafted generational QB Trevor Lawrence at the 2021 NFL Draft. It was a historic moment for Khan and the franchise. Having that pick gave them the ability to hire Urban Meyer. Suddenly, the NFL’s worst-run franchise in the smallest city with the smallest fanbase is now the envy of the pro football world.

None of it feels right.

Khan has terribly mismanaged the Jags for far too long. Just a few years ago, the team was in the AFC Championship Game, taking the Patriots to the…

LeBron and Luka are upset because the NBA is making them earn their playoff entry. And I love it.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of the NBA’s play-in tournament for the 7–10 seeds in each conference. It felt like a gimmick. The regular season doesn’t mean that much in the NBA, and I wasn’t sold on this making any impact.

I’m here to say I could not have been more wrong, as the negative comments from LeBron and Luka in recent weeks reveal.

Both star players are upset because they feel that a whole season should not…

I wanted to start writing this today. I almost put it off until tomorrow. I didn’t.

For the vast majority of my life, I have procrastinated. Anything and everything, it’s easier to do something later. I procrastinate too much. Whether it was big, important things in my life, or menial tasks like emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry, I put it off.

The last year and counting have changed me. I no longer feel like procrastinating. I feel like it’s time to start doing stuff.

COVID-19 has changed so much about our world, and that’s been a huge focus as…

I really, really, really want to go back to a wrestling show, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

For all the talk about falling ratings and empty arenas across sports, no “sport” has been more impacted than pro wrestling. That’s because pro wrestling is a sport only in the sense that they are judges for each match and those judges are the thousands of fans watching.

Once COVID-19 ran over the world, pro wrestling was forced to adapt and it hasn’t always been pretty. WWE has been running empty arena shows for a year and a half now…

We need the NCAA to stop making bad decisions while treating women’s basketball like men’s basketball.

Thankfully, I have an idea, born out of the NCAA’s potentially bad ideas.

In the wake of the COVID-era tournaments, there has been talk the NCAA may move the entire Sweet 16 to one site to create a true basketball convention by giving them a week-plus worth of men’s tournament games at one site.

It’s a terrible, terrible idea.

It goes hand-in-hand with the awful notion that the NCAA may actually keep Sweet 16 games on the weekends to give each game an exclusive…

Author’s note: Welp, it already failed.

Liverpool played Leeds United on Monday afternoon and I could not care any less.

I’ve been a Liverpool fan for going on decade now since I got into English soccer and they became my team. Nothing annoyed me more than a weekday game that meant something while I was stuck in the office. On Monday, I was working from home for the millionth day in a row thanks to COVID and my calls ended at 3:30pm. I could’ve watched the entire second half.

But I didn’t watch a second. All because Liverpool was one…

It’s now been a decade since the college football world chased the money. And all they have to show for it is the money.

The past ten years have seen an exponential growth in revenue for college football, especially its powerhouse programs. Conference networks have launched and made money hand over fist. Fox jumped into the sport, adding another media giant with endless cash. The playoff was formed, tossing more money on the pile.

But on the field, the sport hit a nadir during the pandemic-plagued 2020 drudge of a season. The playoff has been reduced to Alabama, Clemson, Ohio…

COVID-19 has revealed much about sports over the past year. Specifically, what’s not needed.

The pandemic has revealed much about our lives in general too, from the likely permanent shift to remote work and the childcare crisis in this country. In every aspect of our life, COVID-19 put a magnifying glass to our faults and exposed them.

In sports, that was most clearly seen with college football, which plowed through with a dreadful season during the fall, marked by cancellations, controversies, and terrible ratings. Other sports have fared better, though none have escaped the pandemic unharmed.

As we hopefully look…

Every time I try to watch college basketball, all I hear about is brackets. Please make it stop.

UConn is on the bubble in this very weird college basketball season. UConn, in my lifetime, has rarely been on the bubble. They’ve usually been very good or very bad, with few bubblicious seasons in between.

This past week, a check of “bracketologists” gave me absolutely no idea where UConn stood when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. They were rated as high as an #8 seed by some, and not even in the tournament by others.

What’s the point? I’m glad…

Our nation’s political media is broken, and it doesn’t plan on fixing itself anytime soon.

Starting with the 2016 Presidential campaign, the national political media descended into chaos and devolved into D.C.’s version of Page Six. Everything became gossip and innuendo; actual policy be damned.

Many of us hoped there would be a reckoning after it became clear the news media had spread Russian propaganda in the form of hacked e-mails and social media content. Instead, the news media doubled down on the palace intrigue stories, fueled by the hate clicks of millions of liberals who loathed the former President.

Sean O'Leary

Life ain't chess.

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