If ballots were counted on time in 2020, Joe Biden would’ve won before bedtime on Election Night.

The collective political news media, as well as too much of the general public, seem to forget how Republicans engineered a “close” election where one didn’t actually exist. …

Horse racing is one of my favorite sports and it can be impossible to defend.

My wife, like millions of others across the country, loathes horse racing. They only see and hear the bad news, like horses breaking down at Santa Anita or drug cheats like Bob Baffert. …

“This is a great-to-be-alive kind of moment” said Jaguars owner Shad Khan.

The Jags drafted generational QB Trevor Lawrence at the 2021 NFL Draft. It was a historic moment for Khan and the franchise. Having that pick gave them the ability to hire Urban Meyer. …

Sean O'Leary

Life ain't chess.

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